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Do you have health issues?
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  • You can call us anytime
     +65 3129 5000 (HealthServe 24-hour helpline)

  • You can visit our office:

Entrance to HealthServe office – We are located within HCSA Community Services compound

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Who we help

We provide help to special pass holders or injured migrant workers. Please call us if you need help with work injury claims and medical issues.

  • If you have a work injury – We can assist you through the WICA (Work Injury Compensation Act) process.
  • If you have problems and don’t know who to talk to – We organise regular group work sessions with migrant brothers.
  • If you want to help other migrant workers – We organise regular community outreach events such as health screenings at Recreation Centres that you can join!


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Our casework services or social services are FREE.

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