For Special Pass Holders/ Cancelled Work Permit


If you are injured at work, your employer should ensure that you receive appropriate medical treatment.

Your employer must report the work injury to MOM within 10 days of the accident.

The hospital/ doctor can also report the work injury.

You may report the work injury yourself or get an NGO to help you report.

MOM will investigate the validity of the accident.

Employer must take care of you if you have a work injury, including providing food and accommodation.

He cannot send you home against your will if there is an outstanding claim under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA).

You should seek help from MOM if this is not happening.

Employer must pay your medical leave wages (up to one year from the date of injury) and medical expenses first. They will get reimbursed later.

Seek help from MOM if your employer is not paying you.

If you are suffering from a work injury and are unable to get support from your employer, please go to MOM first to register your case. You can also call/ WhatsApp our casework team at: TBC

You can download the mobile app “SGWorkPass” to check the validity of your work permit.

Scan the QR code on the back of your work permit to download the app.

Your employer should extend your Work Permit before it expires. If not, you will be considered an overstayer.

You should discuss with your employer on extending/ renewing your Work Permit or arrange to return to your home country.

Your employer will need to make arrangements to send you home before cancelling your Work Permit.

You can only go home using the air ticket purchased by your employer.

During this time, you may be issued a Special Pass that allows you to continue to stay in Singapore.

Your employer will need to extend your Special Pass to allow you to stay longer in Singapore until an air ticket is purchased for you to return home.

Your employer needs to take care of you (meals and accommodation) until they send you home.

He must also settle all outstanding salaries owed.

If you need help, you can call/ WhatsApp our casework team at: TBC

You should discuss with your employer if you have queries about your salary.

Your employer must return any outstanding salary payments before you leave Singapore.

If you are not able to settle the issue with your employer, please lodge a salary claim with the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM) (MOM Centre, Level 3). You may also approach your dormitory operator or the FAST officers at your dormitory for help.

Yes you can return to work in Singapore if you can find an employer and do not have bad records.

If your work permit is still valid, you need to get your current employer’s agreement.

If it is between 21 – 40 days before your work permit expires, you do not need your current employer’s agreement for a transfer. If you can find a new employer during this period, your new employer can contact MOM.