Daily COVID-19 Update From HealthServe

Dear migrant friends,

Don’t panic!

The number 728 looks frightening especially when 654 of the new cases are from the dormitories. But remember this is to be expected as the Singapore authorities increase the screening rates.

I’m sure all of you know friends and co-workers who had undergone the swab tests and seen more and more go for the tests. The serious cases — those needing to go to the Intensive Care Unit — are stable at 23 cases (26 the day before).

A piece of good news is that our Bangladeshi friend Case No. 42 has been discharged from the ICU after 2 months! We are all very happy for him and admire his fighting and brave spirit.

When he is discharged from the hospital, I am sure his wife and new born child will be overjoyed to see him!

Another good news — Public Health Preparedness Clinics (there are over 900 islandwide) will now see work permit holders for respiratory symptoms for only $10.

So give yourself the best chance for a smooth recovery and keep your friends safe. See a doctor early if you are unwell.

We will get through this together.

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Learn more about HealthServe’s latest news