Daily COVID-19 Update From HealthServe

Dear migrant friends,

Singapore announced yesterday 623 new cases of which 558 were from your dormitories and 37 are our migrant friends who live outside the dormitories.

The lower numbers compared to Thursday are encouraging but we are still early on in the outbreaks.

We in HealthServe recognise the stress and anxiety caused by the virus and the needed public health measures.

Understanding the situation and getting the right facts are important for emotional well-being and there are many videos and other materials on the HealthServe website (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0FeqVzdEeZXdqsf9kQKejA) that provide in Bengali, Tamil, Chinese and English information about the virus, what happens during the swab tests and how you can protect yourself and your friends from the virus.

We will also soon be uploading interviews with some of our migrant friends who have recovered from the virus and you can hear from them directly what the experience was like.

Beyond information, we all need encouragement during this difficult time and the ‘Solidarity Wall’ (https://solidarity.healthserve.org.sg/) has been set up for friends from all over the world to leave messages of hope and strength for you. The wall is also for you to support each other and do share your writings, drawings, music and songs with everyone!

Finally, sometimes we just need someone to talk to and share our anxieties and concerns. HealthServe is setting up tele-support services for you to do this — stay tuned for more details.

Migrant friends, look after your body, and also look after your spirit. And remember to see a doctor early if you feel unwell.

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Learn more about HealthServe’s latest news

Learn more about HealthServe’s latest news