Where to get help

Work Injury Issues

In Brief:
  1. Report work injury
  2. Get medical treatment
  3. Submit MCs (Medical Leave Certificates) to employer to claim MC wages
  4. Attend Medical (Work Injury) Assessment
  5. Await Notice of Assessment

Employee’s Guide to Work Injury Compensation:

Knowing your Rights to Work Injury Compensation:

Salary Problems

In Brief:

  • If your employer delays your salary payment or makes unnecessary deductions, you can seek advice from MOM.
  • You may also reach out to the following centers for help:

Migrant Workers’ Centre:

Please call +65 6536 2692 for assistance.

Transient Workers Count Too:

Please call +65 6297 7564 for assistance.


Please call our 24-hour helpline at +65 3129 5000 and leave your name and number. Our caseworker will get back to you soon after.